Features of Crunchyroll channel

If you are interested in watching the animated shows and drama videos, your best choice must be the crunchyroll channel. You need to get the channel via the movies and tv categories. There are four categories of contents available on the crunchyroll channel. You can get popular, simulcasts, updated and alphabetical.on this channel you can get the anime directed from the japan and the dramas from Asia. If you wish to get all the anime shows and does not know how to activate the crunchyroll. Then here are the complete guidelines and explanations to activate the Crunchyroll on  Roku.

Crunchyroll on Roku

Suitable devices to get Crunchyroll channel

  • Roku device
  • Apple tv
  • Android device
  • Ios device
  • Playstation 3 and 4
  • Wii
  • Xbox one and 360
  • Chromecast

Steps to get the Crunchyroll Roku

  • To get the Crunchyroll channel on the Roku device via crunchyroll.com/roku, first, you need to make the steps on the Roku device
  • Turn on the Roku device by connecting the Roku device to the power supply through the power cable
  • After this hook up the Roku device and the tv through the HDMI cable
  • Once done, navigate to the settings and process the steps to connect the network to the Roku device
  • It is your choice to pick either the wired network or the wireless network for the activation
  • Ensure that the network is stable and strong to process the activation
  • It is needed to check that there is any software update on the Roku device
  • If yes, then allow the device to complete the software update
  • It is mandatory to link the Roku device and the Roku account to manage the channel activation steps on the Roku device

Activate Crunchyroll on Roku

  • You need to navigate to the Roku channel store
  • Ensure that you have to sign in Roku account on the Roku device
  • On the search tab search for Crunchyroll channel
  • Once you get the Crunchyroll channel app result on the Roku device
  • Tap on the add channel option
  • The Roku device will start to download and install the channel
  • Once the Crunchyroll channel app installation gets over
  • You need to open the channel app and get the channel activation code
  • Note the code and then open the Crunchyroll channel activation page on the browser
  • Then enter the code for the channel activation
  • After the channel activation, you need to ensure that there is no issue on the activation
  • Once the activation gets over, you need to sign in to the channel account to the Crunchyroll channel app
  • Only after this linking, you can start to stream the channel content on the Crunchyroll channel.

Create a new Crunchyroll account

To stream the content on the Crunchyroll, the Crunchyroll channel account is mandatory. Only after this, you can stream the content on the Crunchyroll. If you are new and don’t have the existing account, here are the steps to create a new account on the Crunchyroll channel.

  • To create the Crunchyroll channel account, browse to the Crunchyroll channel site
  • Then you need to tap on the create a new account option
  • Next, a new screen will appear
  • There you can view the form to be filled to create an account on the Crunchyroll
  • Now you need to enter the credentials to complete the channel account activation
  • The details include name, email id, user name and password, date of birth and the gender
  • Now you need to enable a tick mark if you wish to get any updates via the email regarding the Crunchyroll channel
  • Finally, you also need to accept for the terms and conditions to create the account and stream the Crunchyroll channel
  • Then you need to tap on the submit option
  • After this, a new screen will appear, and there you need to complete the payment steps
  • For streaming the Crunchyroll on Roku, you need to choose the subscription plan and then complete the payment steps
  • It is your wish to choose the subscription plan
  • After choosing the package, you can provide the card details or complete the payment via the Roku account
  • Follow the onscreen instruction and finalize the payment steps to stream the Crunchyroll channel

Troubleshooting on the Crunchyroll on Roku

Activation error on Crunchyroll

If you face any troubleshooting issues on the activating the Crunchyroll channel, check that there is an issue on the Roku device. Make sure that you provide the code on the site before the code gets expired. Also, if you face a problem in getting the code, you can resolve this issue by providing high-speed internet to the Roku device. The primary reason for this will be a poor network connection. Then if you could not stream the content on the Crunchyroll channel using crunchyroll.com/roku, you need to link the channel account before streaming.

Issues in streaming videos

If you face issues even after linking the channel account to the Crunchyroll app, you need to clear your cache. Then make sure that there are any new updates available on the Roku device. As the old version may cause the problem in streaming the channels. Check for network availability. As the slow or poor network can cause the streaming issue. If these steps don’t provide you the solution, you need to uninstall the app and reinstall the app again on the device. After you uninstall the channel app, process the step for the restart on the Roku device. Wait for some time and then process the steps on the Roku device

For more information on the Crunchyroll on Roku, get in touch with our expert team, and resolve the issues.