Exciting history and features of BBC America

BBC America was first streamed on march 29, 1998. The BBC studios and the AMC networks own the BBC America channel. If you wish to activate the channel on the streaming device, you need to possess the tv provider login credentials to activate BBC America. Many streaming services also offer the BBC America channel. On the BBC channel, mainly the science fiction, action series, films, and nature documentary series will be streamed. To make it easy to the users there have also provided the schedule option to stream the contents

BBC America on Roku

Trending programs on BBC

  • Wonders truck
  • Seasonal wonderlands
  • First, look; killing eve returns April 26
  • Putting the who in whodunits
  • Doctor who

Compatible devices to watch BBC America

  • Roku
  • Android device
  • Ios device
  • Apple tv
  • Chromecast
  • Amazon fire stick

Initial steps on Roku to add the BBC America

  • Power up the Roku using the power cord
  • Use the HDMI cables to connect the tv and the Roku device
  • Configure the network to the Roku device
  • Generate the Roku link code to activate the Roku device
  • Browse to the Roku link and enter the code
  • Process the channel activation code
  • Link your Roku device and the Roku account to start processing the channel activation

Steps to activate BBC America on Roku

  • From the home page of the Roku, navigate to the channel hub
  • Type the BBC channel on the Roku find tab
  • After getting the result, tap the add channel on the channel hub
  • You will receive the channel activation code on the screen
  • Surf to the bbc america roku and enter the code for the channel activation
  • After completing all the steps, you need to enter the tv provider login credentials
  • Enter the user id and the password of your tv provider credentials
  • After completing these steps, refresh the home page of the Roku and check whether the channel is available on the subscription list

Steps to add BBC America via the streaming service

You can also add the BBC channel even via the streaming service. Even via the streaming service and without cable, you can watch BBC America. The streaming service which offers BBC America is the Philo tv, sling tv, fubo tv, youtube tv, AT&T TV NOW.

BBC America on Philo tv

Philo tv is available on the affordable cost, in addition to this, you can also stream 50+ channels along with BBC America on the Philo tv. Philo offers the seven days of the free trial. In addition to this, you can stream the Philo in three devices at the same time.

BBC America on fubo tv

Fubo tv only offers a single package. There are more than 100+channels available on the fubo tv along with BBC America. Additionally, you can stream the fubo tv on the two devices simultaneously. Fubo tv offers the DVR of 30 hours. By paying the additional fee, you can also get 500 hours of DVR

BBC America on sling tv

Sling tv has two package sling blue and the sling orange. Both the packages support BBC America. Sling orange streams more than 30+channels along with BBC America. On sling orange, you can stream only on one device. Whereas on the sling orange, it supports the 45+channels and can offer to stream on three devices simultaneously. Both the sling orange and the sling blue provides the 10 hours of DVR.

BBC America on AT&T TV

There are seven different packages available on the AT&T TV NOW. To enjoy BBC America, you need to subscribe to the entertainment package. You can also enjoy 65+channels along with BBC America on this package. Now AT&T TV NOW is available on two devices at the same time. For streaming it on the third device, you need to pay for it. Additionally, AT&T TV NOW offers 20 hours od DVR.

BBC America on youtube tv

Tube tv has a single package on affordable cost. Along with BBC America, you can stream 70+channels. On youtube tv, you can stream on three devices simultaneously. Youtube tv provides the nine months unlimited DVR.

For further details on the BBC America activation steps or how to watch bbc america without cable, feel free to contact our expert professional team or visit my.roku.com/link to resolve the issues.