What is PlayOn?

The PlayOn is the streaming DVR with Roku. By using the PlayOn, you can record the shows and all the favorite content which you like to stream. On this PlayOn Roku, you can skip the commercials. This can be used like the cable DVR. You can take the recordings wherever you go and whenever you wish to stream. It is possible to even use the PlayOn on your laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. You can also download the content from the 100 popular streaming service that includes Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, and Amazon. Using the PlayOn Roku, you can even share the photos, videos, and songs that you record on this streaming DVR.

PlayOn Roku

Features of PlayOn

  • Record the streaming contents
  • Skip the commercials
  • Even record the expiring contents and store it for later
  • You can launch the PlayOn on mobile, laptops and tablets
  • You can transfer the recordings and take it with you
  • It supports all the media like videos, photos on Roku
  • It is possible to stream even the MP3 audio files on this PlayOn Roku
  • PlayOn is available on both the google play store and apple app store

What are the compatible devices to get the PlayOn Roku?

PlayOn works with all Roku players like

  • Roku 2, Roku LT, Roku HD (model 2500R), Roku streaming stick

 What are the files that are supported on the PlayOn Roku?

  • Images JPG and PNG
  • Videos MP4, MOV, M4V
  • Music MP3, M4A

Steps to use PlayOn Roku?

  • Launch the latest version of the Roku mobile app on the mobile or tablet
  • Then open the Roku mobile app
  • Now, launch the PlayOn
  • Open the PlayOn Roku and choose the photos+icon which is found on the navigation bar at the bottom of the Roku mobile app
  • Then select either the music, photos or videos
  • After choosing which to share from your mobile, you need to prompt and grant access to your media library
  • This is done to allow the Roku mobile app to share the content
  • Choose the content from the media library of your mobile and then share on your tv

How do my friends and I share the photo simultaneously?

  • Connect the Roku device and the mobile to the same wireless network
  • Then download and install the Roku mobile app
  • You need to open the Roku mobile app
  • Then launch the PlayOn Roku by choosing the photos+ icon, found on the bottom of the Roku mobile app
  • Choose the photos
  • Now you and your friends can share the photos from your mobile device
  • Once the PlayOn gets access to stream the photos, it will automatically display the photos

How will our photos display on TV?

After you select the photos which you wish to share, the PlayOn will display the five photo from each of the connected mobile devices. This is done before moving to the shared photos from the other device.

How do my friend and I share videos and music?

You can also share the videos and music via the play on Roku. To play the video or music, you need to choose which you wish to play either the video or the music from your mobile device. Then share the music or the video to the Roku device. Now you can enjoy the video or the music on the order to which they have been shared

What is the troubleshooting issue in using the PlayOn Roku?

Media is not appearing on the Roku device

If you could not stream the media from the mobile device, check that you have connected the mobile device to your Roku device. To ensure this setting, you need to navigate to the settings from the home page. Then choose the switch Roku device and check that you have connected to your Roku com link device. If not then select the appropriate Roku device for the streaming

You can also check that if you still face the issue, then make sure that your Roku device and the mobile device and connected to the same wireless network. If not then connect them to the same home network to enjoy the PlayOn Roku.